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Scott Pratt is 44 years old and a Level 4 Instructor under Sifu Carl Lewis and Associate instructor under Tim Tackett. Scott started his journey in martial arts at a young age dabbling at Karate and Kung Fu, but fell away from martial arts for many years. Always fascinated by Bruce Lee, Scott was amazed to discover Carls Scimitar Martial Arts in Wrexham.
Scott Pratt and Tim Tackett
Starting one Wednesday night Scott then spent the next week nursing many bruised and aching muscles due to an introduction to Thai Boxing from Carl. Undeterred Scott was hooked and over the next few years trained under Carl improving his skills.
In late 2002 Scott was asked to teach a class for Carl to which he promptly said no! Although honoured Scott wanted to build up his own confidence and martial arts knowledge before starting a class, so after a few months of intensive training Scott opened his class in Connah's Quay, North Wales, in June 2003.
As all of Carl's Students Scott has participated in Carls Fun run for Charity every year and over the last 19 years has raised over £1,500 to the various charities.
Since Attaining the level of assistant instructor Scott has trained with Sifu Larry Hartsell every year, even travelling to America in 2005 to train with Sifu Larry in his Private Intensive Training Program, which he describes as a totally awe inspiring experience.
In Feb 2006, Scott was present when Carl brought over Tim Tackett for a 2 day seminar; Tim introduced those present to some of Bruce Lee's original ideas and techniques trained the way Bruce himself taught. Scott has travelled to the USA three times to attend Tim's Wed Night Group seminars.
Having adopted one of Carl 'Park Sessions' routines, Scott can often be seen running around different routes in his local area Central Park or Wepre Park in Connah's Quay, North Wales.
Scott is currently a Security manager in a well known supermarket chain, as well as testing his skills in the busiest bar in Wrexham, North Wales, with over 1800 customers per night as a Door Supervisor. As well as teaching his class in Connah’s Quay Sports Centre, assisting Carl in his Classes, helping him teach other door supervisors in the Wrexham area, Scott still finds time to train himself as well as hold down his two jobs. In his limited spare time he enjoys researching and adding to his already impressive knowledge of Star Wars trivia and collecting Star Wars merchandise, motorbikes, computer games and helping his beautiful girlfriend 'tidy up' (usually under protest!!)
Scott was proud to announce the birth of his daughter Elen on 15 March 2006, and has started training her already!
In 2008 Scott was honoured to be promoted by Carl to a second rank instructor and then in November 2008 was awarded an instructorship under Tim Tackett (WNG) and was ranked as an Apprentice Instructor. In September 2011 he was awarded the prestigious rank of Associate Instructor in the Wednesday Night Group (WNG). Scott continues to train with the WNG with a trip to the USA almost every year to attend their 3 day seminar in which all levels are invited to share knowledge and participate in advancing their martial skills.
Scott like all Scimitar M.A. instructors, leads the way with conditioning drills which include the mentioned 'Park Sessions' and conditioning drills in the local Bodytech Gym in Saltney, North Wales. Scott has gained a healthy obsession with body weight exercises, running and combat athlete specific training drills, that promote real strength/conditioning gains for martial arts. Scott's personal work outs often involve a pack of playing cards and a work out called Gotchs bible, from an old time wrestler Karl Gotch, and the '300' work out from the bodytech gym. All Scott's work outs involve high intensity drills, low weights and little rest between each exercise.
Anyone wishing to attend Scott's class are welcome to turn up where he concentrates on functional street defence and conditioning for Scimitar Martial Arts UK JKD in North Wales.