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Old School Jeet Kune Do, is a phrase used to describe Tim Tackett/ Bob Bremer's JKD. Carl Lewis has trained with Sifu Tim other years but in 2006 Carl brought Tim over to teach Carl's North Wales Scimitar Martial Arts School. Tim educated us all in the difference from "concepts" and his own "old School" JKD. Tim Tackett teaches most of his techniques the way Bruce Lee trained and taught them back in the late 60's and early 70's. Tim has been described as one of the most knowledgeable JKD instructors of all time, having seen a lot of Bruce's original notes and has trained with many of the 1st generation students. Although Tim has never trained under Bruce Lee he did meet him, unfortunately Bruce's untimely death made it impossible. Tim however was one of Dan Inosanto's back yard students in the 70's and on into the 80's. It was at this time Tim met up with Bob Bremer an original student of Bruce. Bob was a guy who often got to use his JKD in real situations and got to pressure test his art, for this reason he was called the "ass kicker of Chinatown" as he trained in Bruce's Chinatown School. Tim's Wednesday Night Group have become one of the forefronts of the JKD movement by sticking to Bruce's ideals of daily decrease, and to his original training techniques and also teaching in Right Lead as Bruce Lee intended. He also teaches the "Hammer Principal", which of all the original students only Bob Bremer and Jim Sewell seem to remember. Tim's W.N.G. concentrates on the ideals and techniques from the last 1/3 of Bruce's life. Scimitar Martial Arts teachs both JKD Concepts and Old School JKD blending them together to form our own UK JKD. We believe we therefore have the best of both worlds and this forms part of our syllabus in which we teach.
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