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The aim of the association is to strive towards the physical and mental progression of the self. We are a diverse organisation, offering expert tuition in the fields of self protection, security, physical fitness and nutrition, as well as a variety of combative martial art disciplines. Our instructors are available for personal and group seminars, lectures, consultations, and demonstrations. This website hopes to provide information on every aspect of our organisation, and its principle members. The Scimitar Martial Arts Association currently consists of somewhere in the region of 100 dedicated students, together with a few experienced instructors.
Our association was started in 1991 by Carl Lewis, an exceptional martial artist with over 44 years of first-hand experience. Sifu Carl Lewis is a black belt in Wing Chun Kung Fu, Full instructor in JKD under Tim Tackett/Bob Bremer/Jim Sewell and instructor in JKD grappling under Sifu Larry Hartsell . Sifu Larry Hartsell was taught by Bruce Lee in 1967 and teaches the martial art Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Grappling (JKD-Grappling). Carl has taught hundreds of students, from a range of backgrounds and disciplines, over the past ten years, and currently boasts a student base containing doctors, lawyers, businessmen, professional boxers, policemen/women and security personnel. An appropriate testament to the quality of teaching Carl provides lies in the fact that successful (nationally ranked) black-belt champions from other martial arts continue to seek his knowledge.
Carl Lewis, Tim Tackett, Bob Bremer and Instructors
Carl has bestowed the rank of "Assistant Instructor" to Scott Pratt , Carl Roberts, Justin Bridge and Bruce Ollman, each of whom have devoted many years to the pursuit of combative excellence, and have consequently proved to be successful teachers in their own right. In 2006 following a seminar by Sifu Tim Tackett, Carl was promoted to Full Instructor and Scimitar Martial Arts is an affiliated school with the JKDWednite group All Scimitar instructors continue to train with great diligence, and all maintain a high level of fitness, so as to set a fine example to their respective students.